Is It True That the Phone Used While Charging Is Damaged?
Tech Monday 9th of August 2021

Is It True That the Phone Used While Charging Is Damaged?

Maybe there is a theory that is considered an urban legend, is it harmful to use a cell phone while charging?

This event, which has been the subject of debate for many years, is actually inconclusive, so it is not true!

Using your phone while it is charging, as you might think, does not harm the phone battery, battery or any other hardware.

So is it really so?

Some of the scientific data we have researched clearly shows that it does not harm.

Like phones, batteries have come a long way recently. That's why this controversial battery talk thing has gradually become a myth.

But I can simply say that even the most fearful of users can rest easy. Because it doesn't really hurt to tamper with the phone while it's charging.

Although it has been proven that the batteries are not damaged for this reason, battery manufacturers say that you should not interfere with the phone too much during the first ten minutes while charging.

If you have plugged the phone into the charger, don't really touch it for a while and let it charge on its own. Manufacturers say that the real problem is that removing and re-plugging the phone right after you plug it in will actually damage it.

How should the correct charging process be?

Is It True That The Phone Used While Charging Is Damaged?

Although charging is taken very simply, it is not so. If you pay attention, there is a "battery health" screen that iPhone users follow closely. Here is a screen that tells you how healthy your phone's battery is or if you have used it badly, replace it.

So, if not correct usage, Yes! You can charge your phone and use it for a long time, but the charged phone may run out of charge quickly, or your phone may freeze suddenly.

Coming back to the question, what should we do for correct use?

  • Be careful not to charge your phone before it drops below 20%.
  • Do not tamper with the phone for 10 minutes after charging it.
  • Do not forcibly use broken charging cables.
  • Do not end the charging process before it reaches 100%.
  • Do not leave it on charge for a long time

Although most smartphones stay on charge for a long time, they can end the charging process on their own. However, there are still batteries that cannot do this and are damaged after being exposed to charging for a long time.

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