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Tech Saturday 1st of January 2022

What Is the "Oura Ring" that Billionaires Buy?

Recently, dozens of well-known people have been using a technologically equipped gray ring. Let's take a look at what this accessory called fetish ring contains.

Consider an accessory that is both made of titanium and encrusted with diamonds. It was developed by the Finnish company Oura Ring. But it is much more than just an expensive ring. It is a sleep tracker powered by artificial intelligence algorithms.

The company started developing these smart rings in 2018, and over the years they have managed to perfect the device so that it is completely unnoticed.

What Is The "Oura Ring" That Billionaires Buy?

Oura Ring launched the third generation of the accessory this year, and it's smarter than ever: it has sensors to monitor sleep, measure the pulse of the finger arteries, an accelerometer, a gyroscope to detect density, and a body temperature sensor, and it's really popular with celebrities.

All this tracking system is connected to a mobile application via Bluetooth, and ring owners can have information about their body condition at any time of the day.

What Is The "Oura Ring" That Billionaires Buy?

You have to connect it wirelessly to charge, and a 20 to 80-minute charge will last up to a week. It is also waterproof.

How much is an Oura ring?

This smart ring costs around $299, and you also need to purchase a $5.99 monthly membership to access the mobile app.

However, that doesn't mean it's available to everyone. Oura Ring's ring stock is low and the gold-plated version, which is usually one of the most requested by users, comes to the market in very few numbers.

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