Hair Transplant in Istanbul - Here are My Experiences!
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Hair Transplant in Istanbul - Here are My Experiences!

Undoubtedly, hair transplantation is one of the biggest problems of recent years. It is quite annoying, especially for men. However, with the hair transplant operation, which is one of the most popular solutions in the world, you can eliminate this problem from your life in order not to experience it again.

If you have received information about hair transplantation from a few places before or if some of your friends have performed this operation, you have probably thought about hair transplantation once in your life. However, due to some questions, you may have postponed it or decided not to have it done at all. In this article, you will get direct information from someone who has had a hair transplant, and you will find answers to your questions without a marketing effort. Yeah! Straight from me!

When did I decide to have a hair transplant?

When did I decide to have a hair transplant?

I had never thought of having a hair transplant for many years. Because I didn't even know that my hair was falling out. As someone who does sports, I noticed my hair falling out for the first time while taking a shower after training. Afterward, these spills increased considerably and became unavoidable. I have consulted dermatology and various doctors several times. Despite the dozens of medical drugs and herbal treatments I used, I could not stop the hair loss. Some said it was genetic, while others said it was due to stress.

I had a stressful job, but frankly, I did not believe that my hair was falling due to this.

Accordingly, the next day and the following days, I began to see many people who had hair transplants around me, with selective perception. That's when the idea of having a hair transplant first came up.

So how or where should I have it done?

That evening, I came home with dozens of questions in my mind. First of all, I thought this operation was expensive. If it was a very expensive operation, I would have given up on it. As a resident of Istanbul, I first started looking for the best hair transplant in istanbul. I asked for a price from a few clinics I found, and they told me to send my pictures first, and then they explained in detail which part of my head I should have hair transplanted, which technique they would use, and dozens of other things.

So how or where should I have it done?

Yeah! I got answers to many questions, but since I wrote to dozens of clinics at the same time, they all made similar statements! Now I have new questions.

How would I choose the right clinic?

I continued to do research, in this process, I took the comments of people who had hair transplantation before as a reference and checked many before & after photos. Now a few places were starting to settle in my head. Because I had a little understanding of how I would look after the operation.

It's good! but I still haven't been able to choose the best hair transplant center for me!

That's why I've read various articles about what's in a good clinic and how it should be. Here's a list of some of the things I've learned.

  1. There should be a doctor during the operation and the operation should be performed under the supervision of a doctor.
  2. The operating environment should be a hospital. (As a possible complication, there are no doctors from other branches in the clinics, but on the other hand in the hospital doctors work in dozens of branches 24/7.)
  3. The operating room must be clean and hygienic!

I suggest paying attention to these!

Now, let's move forward by answering a few questions you are wondering about.

Who can have a hair transplant?

As the simplest answer, I can say "Anyone whose donor area is enough".

Who can have a hair transplant?

Donor area; It is the region that is given to the area at the back of your head and is also called the part where there is always hair, even if you are bald.

Why is the donor area important?

A hair transplant operation takes place in two stages. Hair follicles are taken from the back of the head, that is, from the donor area, and are planted in the area to be transplanted. Therefore, if you do not have enough hair follicles, the hair transplant operation will not be successful enough. Here, hospital officials provide free consultancy for the qualification part and they guarantee how successful the operation will be before the operation. Although there is no specific age limit, as far as I have learned, even people with chronic diseases (diabetes, blood pressure, etc.) can make the operation.

Is the operation painful or hurts?

Although it varies according to the place you have it done, I can say that the most important thing is the anesthesia method they use. They used a device they called "painless anesthesia" in my operation. Before the anesthesia process, they use the spray method to the behind of your head to decrease the pain. However, after this, they give anesthetic fluid with the needle part and this part hurts a little bit. But it's not a pain to be afraid of. If you do not smoke or do not drink alcohol this part is completely easy. I have witnessed that some patients feel more pain in smoking and alcohol use. This process takes about 3-5 minutes.

What are hair transplantation techniques?

What are hair transplantation techniques?

Based on my research, I found several techniques.

  • Sapphire Percutaneous 3D
  • Classic FUE method
  • DHI

I performed a hair transplant operation with the Sapphire Percutaneous technique. This method allows channels to be opened in 3D according to the classical FUE technique.

I know, now you have another question “what is channel opening?”

The follicles taken from the donor area are called the holes made by the specialist doctor to place the follicles before they are transferred to the planting area. In the classical FUE technique, these channels are opened in a straight line, while in the Sapphire percutaneous technique, they are opened in dimensional.

So what is the difference between opening it as a vertical line or in dimensional?

So what is the difference between opening it as a vertical line or in dimensional?

So; if channels are opened as straight lines, fewer channels are opened. Because doctors cannot open dozens of straight channels side by side, even if they do, the linear channels are not very close to each other. The channels that are not close create a sparse appearance when the hair starts to grow after a while which affects the naturalness.

However, since the channels are opened in the shape of points in the Safir Percutaneous method, thousands of close channels are opened side by side and serve very natural looks after the operation.

I understood Sapphire Percutaneous and Classical FUE methods. But what is the DHI Method?

The DHI technique, which is mostly preferred by women or people who need a less amount of hair follicles, allows planting without shaving. Thus, it is not very clear that hair transplantation is done. However, as I said; “This method is preferred by people who need less hair.”

In which hair transplant center did you have the operation?

In which hair transplant center did you have the operation?

I was quite hesitant to comment on this part. After all, naming a company would be a bit like marketing. However, considering that there are many hair transplant centers in Turkey, I think it would be helpful for the people who want to make it done if I explain the place I had it done.

The name of the place where I had my operation is istanbul vita! They perform hair transplantation with the Sapphire percutaneous technique in a hospital environment and accompanied by a doctor. They do not serve only hair transplants. They also perform many other aesthetic operations. I will not introduce themselves too much, as they are already known in many regions of Europe.

When I told a friend living in France that I had an operation in Istanbulvita, he is like "Yes! I know that place.."

I had an operation in Istanbulvita,

You explained everything, but I guess you skipped the price?

Yeah! While we were talking about everything, we were missing an important subject. However, I asked them for a price that I could tell my friends, and they said that they can serve the price between €1290, and €1390. It is worth mentioning that these prices include a 5-star hotel, VIP transfer, and many medicines. Of course, since I had an operation about 6 months ago, I can easily say that I had it done slightly below this price range.

How is the post-operative process?

I think it would be incomplete not to mention the post-operative process.. I will not explain all details, but I will talk about the general process.

The first night I had a little trouble sleeping because you have to lie on your back without moving and you sleep on a neck pillow made of plastic material. This pillow becomes your best sleeping companion for 10 days after the operation. Of course, other than that, you take a few medications daily and wash your hair with a foam-like lotion. On the tenth day, the crusting process begins. There are various videos on the internet, you can do it easily. I did not shave my hair for the first 3 months after the operation and applied PRP treatment once a month. As of today, more than 50% of my hair has grown and hair loss has completely stopped. Hair loss and stress are gone for me now.. I hope everyone else gets a solution like me.. Thank you istanbul vita.. thanks..

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