Twitter Premium: New And Paid Subscription With Special Features
Tech Friday 28th of May 2021

Twitter Premium: New And Paid Subscription With Special Features

Social media giant Twitter announced that it is about to finish by giving priority to the Premium subscription system it has been working on for a while.

Twitter has previously announced that it is planning a paid subscription system that will appeal to a private audience. As expected, this subscription system includes “premium features that require users to pay to access special features”. The company recently announced that it plans to launch this subscription system and will operate globally.

The platform focuses on two things firstly

As reported by Bloomberg, the platform is expected to include Tweetdeck features first. In addition, with this subscription system, the company is expected to allow you to follow special people and read their premium tweets for $ 4.99 per month with its "Super Follow" feature.

Twitter Premium

It was announced that the features will be used as test specs to develop a new business model, but the company's attendance at the JP Morgan Technology conference to provide more details about the new paid platform also raised expectations.

Twitter CFO Ned Segal said in a statement;

Advertising revenues for at least 85% of companies' profits today, and the platform needs a paid subscription system to be sustainable. You'll know more as we do more testing in the coming months, and eventually, we're going to apply it to people around the world.

Previously, Jane Manchun Wong, who worked as a developer and engineering expert, developed some features of Twitter blue. With the new paid subscription system, it also announced that it will release a new feature that will enable access to various features such as collections and some tweets retrieval, and will cost $ 2.99 per month.

Premium subscriptions will run as a parallel with Twitter's current free mode

Premium subscriptions will run as a parallel with Twitter's current free mode

According to Twitter CFO Ned Segal, “The free service that everyone will continue to have access to will continue to be improved, so this new paid subscription system will not affect existing free users in any way.

Another statement made by the Twitter management was about “Super Follows”.

While there is no launch date yet, we want the creator to get as much as possible with this feature for people willing to read a person's private tweets, have a network of quality followers, and pay for important accounts. We can say that the platform's role for exclusive content is to make things easier.

New verification system

New verification system

One of the most anticipated innovations last week was that the platform released a new verification request process to get the famous blue badge next to the profile name it uses to help distinguish the authenticity of accounts.

In addition to the category-specific eligibility criteria specified in the verification policy, the account must be complete. This means you must have a profile name, picture, a verified email address, and a phone number. Conversely, the profile must have been active for the past six months and have a history of Twitter Rules compliance as outlined in the verification policy. However, all people on Twitter will now be able to access the new verification symbol or start seeing the new verification tab directly in the Account Settings tab.

After the request is submitted, the social network will send an email response to the user within 1-4 weeks confirming that the verification was approved or that the request did not meet the verification criteria. If the request is approved, the blue badge will automatically appear in the profile. If canceled and the user believes they meet the requirements and Twitter's decision is wrong, the request can be resubmitted 30 days after receiving the rejection.

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